Hello World! Welcome to Saurabh Pendse's personal website. I am currently a Software Engineer at Apple Inc. I graduated with a Masters' degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University in Spring 2013. I am interested in the realms of Data Analytics, High Performance Computing and Machine Learning. During the course of my graduate studies, I have worked on research and software projects involving development of scalable parallel algorithms for big data analytics on leadership class high performance computing facilities, prediction and classification problems in complex application domains such as climate, as well as efficient indexing and query processing of peta-scale data generated from scientific simulations.

I enjoy programming; developing and contributing to interesting software in a diverse set of languages, architectures and programming paradigms. I believe in continuous improvement, thereby strive to learn and keep pace with new platforms, technologies and best practices in software development.

This site is mainly a compendium of my research and software development activities over the years, from the good old high school and undergraduate days, right upto graduate studies in Computer Science. I have had the opportunity of publishing and presenting some of my research at conferences and journals. Most of my software projects are available for download on Google Code, while the source code for others is available upon request.

Here, you will be able to:

  • Learn more about my research projects and technical papers;
  • View demo videos related to my research work;
  • Download technical/non-technical software that I have developed;
  • View/Download my resume and documentation of my academic awards and accomplishments over the years.

Please feel free to drop me a line at: sau2pen at gmail dot com.
You can also connect with me via Facebook or LinkedIn.